Cybersecurity for Rolling Stock Operations

Cybersecurity for Rolling Stock Operations

Rolling Stock is increasingly turning into complex computer networks on wheels, including safety-critical, operations-critical and IT/business-critical elements. Internet connectivity, for example, is an opportunity to improve both the passenger experience and operational efficiencies, but introduces risks that threaten passenger safety and comfort. The digital train is a target for attacks that can range from minor disruptions to the truly catastrophic. 

In the latest live debate organised by Railway Gazette on June 16, a panel of high-level speakers will:

  • Survey today’s cyber risks for rolling stock and look at current defenses,
  • Explore IT/OT and signaling systems connectivity issues with real examples,
  • Evaluate different train configurations and their impact on cybersecurity postures,
  • Compare retrofit cybersecurity projects vs. new bids, and
  • Recommend network segmentation examples for rolling stock.

Safety, reliability and efficiency are priorities for rolling stock and rail systems designs, but none of these priorities can be assured in the face of material cyber risks. Join us to understand the problem and to explore actionable solutions.

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