Delivering digital rail with an OT cloud

In the pursuit of enhanced transport services, climate resilience, and ambitious net-zero goals, rail operators are embracing digitalisation to ensure they are much more adaptable and flexible. This transformation extends beyond investment in physical assets such as rolling stocks and track to encompass digital assets like intelligent sensors, switches, automated control and supervision application software. As software and data starts to take centre stage, the private Operational Technology cloud is becoming the nerve centre of rail operations.


Join this broadcast featuring industry specialists as they discuss the key to successfully deploying rail cloud infrastructure, the essential elements of rail communications networks, and how this infrastructure can accelerate development and adoption of innovation across the sector.

Key topics to be covered will include:

  • Best practice in OT network deployment.
  • Key drivers for investment in OT networks.
  • Trends in cloud infrastructure that can enhance the efficiency of rail operations.
  • How OT networks can help rail operators fulfil the potential of digital signalling, interlocking, FRMCS, IoT and other emerging technology.

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