Don't Forget the Present: Cybersecurity Uplift for Existing Rail Systems

It's easy to assume that rail cybersecurity is only a problem for brand new systems and solely focuses on security requirements at the system procurement stage. We sometimes ignore the fact that existing systems (the installed base) were probably not built with security in mind. But right now rail operations are running insecure protocols, being managed by Windows XP machines, and are powered by devices that are subject to critical vulnerabilities. The situation is risky and calls for immediate action.

This webinar will focus on practical tips on securing your existing systems. During the webinar, we will tackle challenges such as:

  1. How to start your efforts in securing your installed systems
  2. How to uplift your security without making costly changes to your systems
  3. Vulnerability management even it’s almost impossible to patch
  4. What TS 50701 is telling us about securing the installed base
  5. Aligning the security of existing systems with new systems