Keys to Commercial Success in Covid-19 Recovery

Keys to Commercial Success in Covid-19 Recovery

The session will cover the keys to commercial success as the rail sector prepares for a ‘new normal’. We will consider fundamental changes brought by the ongoing crisis, including profound shifts to how rail commercial teams function; changing customer expectations and how commercial teams can most effectively accommodate those new expectations; and where commercial teams should prioritize new investments. We will also discuss how technology can accelerate recovery, and how rail operators can drive value during a gradual return to pre-crisis travel patterns.

Key topics to be addressed include:

  • How has the passenger experience been redefined and what is the future? How can the ‘new normal’ be supported throughout that experience (booking, in transit, post-travel)?
  • How have leisure and business travel changed?
  • What can rail operators do to be prepared as conditions change and improve?
  • What are the stages of recovery and how are they defined? What can you do if parts of your network are in different stages?
  • What is technology’s role in the recovery of the passenger rail industry?
  • Do you have the right technology to meet the new customer needs?
  • How can technology drive efficiency for your team?
  • What are the opportunities for investment?
  • How do operators balance the challenge of effective pricing and yield management while maintaining a safe, health-focused passenger experience?
  • What key measures should rail operators implement to ensure the optimal customer experience, and what are the key metrics for measuring experience and engagement?
  • Will recent industry events like RARS2 or Split Ticketing play a part in operators approaching their revenue management strategy differently?
  • How will the day-to-day operations of the commercial team be impacted by the ‘new normal”, and how can automation and mobile tools make teams more effective, efficient and productive?
  • What insights can other industries can offer the passenger rail industry?

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