Urban Track Design: Avoiding familiar pitfalls

Urban Track Design: Avoiding familiar pitfalls

Pandrol works collaboratively with customers to create a safer future for rail infrastructure, supplying innovative solutions, market-leading products and advice designed to maximise efficiencies, safety and uptime around the world. Sharing their experience from delivering solutions for urban transits across the world, the discussion will showcase potential solutions to the common challenges faced by track operators, installers and designers.

Key topics:

  • Meeting and keeping standards of track quality,  achieving multi-disciplinary integration and adaptation for varying climates  and local conditions. 
  • How to achieve successful track encapsulation using  different track forms to include integration of power supply and roads  integration.
  • Stray current management avoiding electro-corrosion  and adapting for varying climates. 
  • Protecting rail neighbours from noise and vibration  using retrofitting to achieve compliance/future-proofing. 
  • Maintaining track availability and designing for  safety. 

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