ABB presents: Future Trends in Rail Technology

ABB presents: Future Trends in Rail Technology

Automation, digitisation and energy efficiency are among the megatrends which are acting as a catalyst for radical change across the rail and urban mobility sector. Enterprise software specialist ABB considers how the rail sector might best harness these trends to enable the sector to make the most of a technological revolution.

In a streamed Q&A session organised by ABB and hosted by Railway Gazette TV on Thursday November 22, a panel of high-level speakers will address these key issues:

  • What skills are needed to support a data-driven railway, and how can companies ensure that they have the right mix of people in place? What scope is there for mentoring to optimise corporate culture and skills?
  • Predictive maintenance is a key trend for asset owners. How can the supply industry work with operators and infrastructure managers to facilitate uptake of these methods?
  • What is the most appropriate management structure for companies to make effective use of data and systems – how much should be handled centrally and how much devolved? What, if anything, can be outsourced completely?
  • How can technology providers drive best practice in energy management in the rail sector? What does a truly energy efficient railway network look like?

    Register now to take part in our interactive debate, streamed live from ABB’s software HQ in Woking. You will be able to watch speaker presentations and pose your own questions in real time.

Chris Jackson, Editor-in-Chief, Railway Gazette International

To request a copy of the webcast slide presentation, please contact Yana Shkuropat.
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