Understanding the post-pandemic railway

Understanding the post-pandemic railway

In our latest interactive live discussions sponsored by Deloitte, a panel of specialists will assess how the UK rail sector can best prepare for the post-pandemic world, where previous assumptions about ridership, network resilience and future investment have all been thrown into doubt. As we all look to a future beyond lockdown, this session will explore how far advanced analytics and data-driven insights could help train operators, asset owners and policymakers to adjust to an increasingly uncertain future, while ensuring the railway recovers to play a central role in realising a low-carbon transport network.

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Key topics to be addressed include:

  • What are the key trends that will shape rail usage as Covid-19's impact wanes? Were these trends visible before the crisis, and what could be the effect on longer term passenger and freight rail usage?
  • What will be policymakers’ priorities for the rail sector after the pandemic, both from central government and devolved administrations?
  • How does rail maximise its potential in a multimodal future where policymakers are emphasising active travel, but many travellers are flocking back to private vehicles?
  • If future travel patterns are predicated on much more flexibility and unpredictability, how can rail operators respond accordingly and how can data-driven planning tools help them?

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